Turkey (part 1)

Here some news.

It make long time I don’t bring news, sorry. Here everything is ok.

DSC02037DSC02000 Now, Europe is definitely over, I’m in Turkey, and over the Bosphore, we’re in Asia…

It allows me to turn the EuroVelo 6 page, wich is definitely a nice project. Roads are beautiful, well indicated (excepted in Romania, but it’s straight forward, so don’t worries) Landscapes are wonderful (specially the « Iron Gate » on the end of Serbia). And I still remain Balkan’s hospitality.

Arriving in Turkey, I stayed one week in Istanbul, just time to visit the city, take care of my bike, bought some spare pieces (in anticipation of the 10000 km revision), and updating my blog. Istanbul is beautiful, but the road still is long until France (especially when you go to the East direction), so I had to leave.
DSC02597DSC02596 copieDSC02598 copie
From Belgrade, I’m cycling with Amir, a French (exiled in London) I met in Mulhouse, then found back a month later in Serbia. As we follow practically the same road, we decided to ride together in the coming next months. Here we are, two on the road towards Iran. DSC02240DSC02217

The road from Istanbul is quite nice when you’re on the main roads you can enjoy a large emergency stop, so you can drive safely, and small axes one is fairly quiet. The only thing that stopped us is the rain, which has transformed our beautiful walk into sticky road. it sticks to the tires, and in this case impossible to continue, it took us almost 2h to 150m (yes). We ended up stopping a pickup passing over there, to take us out of this mess. But overall very secondary roads are in good condition and get nice landscapes.

On the road to Iran, a break is needed in Cappadocia, small égion in central Turkey, for us DSC02595it’s the opportunity to receive packages that has been sent from France with  spare bike pieces (that we don’t found in Istanbul) always for the revision of 10000 km.
Tomorrow we are leaving to north, towards Trabzon to request our Iranian visa application. Trabzon is the right cycling plan, they issue the visa on 24h, wich in Ankara or Istanbul, takes one to two weeks.
So we recover our visas and then, it will be towards Iran.