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Km 0

Bishkek, Km 0. Here, everything start again.

After 3 month of winter break, here I am, ready to came back on the road.

My bike get all my attention, and he realy deserved it, after taking him to the extreme on the Pamir, leaving him sleeping outside, alone, by -25°c and after leaving him three month waiting me in Bishkek. A big cleaning, some adjustments, pieces replacement, he is like new. To finish I remove this hevy load wich was my trailer. I enjoy my winter break to send back in france some stuff, so it’s on bike, like new and (little bit) lighter that I’m leaving.

Three month of break have been very welcome, like my bike I was totaly broken, exhausted, need to breath a bit.
I stayed some time in Kyrgyzstan, hist to discover this country, but in winter most of trails are under snow, so I take a flight to Turkey, hitchiking for a month then I’ve been in Iran, to find back the friends I made few month before.

With all that adventures, winter is gone, temperatures are softer and I’m ready to continue, going more again to the north, crossing the Altaï, and rush forward to the Gobi desert and mongolian lowlands.

First step, the Kazakstan (again a country difficilt to write as to place it on a map). It’s more a way to China than a country to visit. We find back Christophe there, a french cyclist that I met one month earlier in Iran, he’ll stay in Almaty, but it’s the occasion to share some days cycling together.
Then with Amir, we’ll continue to China. We feels the new cycling season is started, we met quite every days new cyclists, getting out of China to throw themself in Central Asia. Most of them are coming from South Est Asia ou Japon, we, we are going there !

From Kazakstan, we haven’t seen many things (and most of the counrty is a big desert) but we have been very welcomed everywhere. Next strp, China !

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