On travel, each days are different.

Whereas I was quietly cycling close to Daugendorf, I met three peoples, as lost as myself. They were looking for Daugendorf, to meet there, their friends.
Quickly my German skills, turn the conversation in… French. Benedict, who was on the group had some French basics, so we start conversation in a new language, a kind of mix of French, German, English, while continuing going to the village.

In the village, we met the rest of their music band, who was waiting for them. Thereby, after few minutes, I was with the group, a beer on my hand… So nice with all these people that I spent the rest of the evening.

If you (Katzenmusik’s musicians) come on my blog. Thank you for your welcome, I had a great night.

DSC00373 DSC00377 DSC00380 DSC00382





Which should answer some people who are concerned about the loneliness on bike. So far (3 weeks) I have not spent a day without meetings people.