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Strange feeling that leaving New Zealand on November 28th in the afternoon and landing in US the same day, in the morning !!

Arriving in San Francisco, CA. my journey is changing again, Marion has decided to get back in France for christmas. She stays at the airport to have next flight to Paris. For me, it’s not yet time to get back, I stay in SF few days to visit the city and fix my bike (mostly my lights, here night is coming early, I’ll need it).

Almost left, that my plans are changing, I had planned to cross Sierra Nevada through Yossemite National Park, but the main road just get closed due to snow, it’ll probably be re-opened around next April/May!! So I change my plans, I’ll get around it by north. Here again, weather change my plans, back country roads remains under snow and only main roads get cleared from snow. But even on main roads, rest area, restrooms, campgrounds are closed, definitely, it’s not the best time to be there. By night, temperature drop down to -10°c (14°F) and pass are just plowed, but the road get frozen as soon the snowplow gets off. My bike looks doesn’t like it more than me this weather, cables get frozen and, shifters and breaks struggle to work… Maybe it’s time to go somewhere else.

I initialy planed to visit some nationals parks on est of San Francisco (Yossemite, Grand Canyon, Monument valley and some others), it’ll be for next time, the weather was not with me this time. I change my plans and go straight to south, to Mexico.

The following weeks will be exotic (failing to be warmer). I cross wide deserts cut by a straight road that goes as far as my eyes can see. Up to 60km without the slightest turn, almost 200km without any dwelling, but the landscapes are striking.

I arrive near the Mexican border at the end of the year. Cheryl and Chuck who lodge me, propose me to stay with them for the new year, I accept with pleasure, it’ss still nicer than to be alone in my tent on the side of road !!.

Here it is, I crossed the border on January 2nd. Changing country, changing language, it’s time to practice my rusty spanish !!

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